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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Deputy Govenor's Visit

     Yesterday we had a visit from the Deputy Governor of Nakuru County.  This was his first visit to the Baby Centre and we were assured it would not be his last.  He was very moved by the children and the mission here.  We actually had a lot of guests from the District Children's Officer, County Coordinator of Children's Services and many others.  The children used their hands and feet to make a special gift for the Deputy Governor, which he seemed to enjoy very much.

     We hope you enjoy the pictures below.

Hope, Carson, Dan and Dana

Signing the guest book and preparing for a tour.

Dan taking the group around

Preparing to go into Wing A.

Deputy Governor and the MCA in wing A

Getting to know some of the children.

More tour...

Enjoying a meal together.

Joining together in song.

Betty Rop MC'ing the event.

My handsome husband speaking to the group.

Pastor Brian Rop praying for us.

Mr. Dan Bett and Reverend Rono

County Coordinator for Children's Services

Deputy Governor the Honorable Joseph Rutto.

Receiving the gifts from the Deputy Governor
for AGC Baby Centre.

Hope presenting the Deputy Governor with a
book from the children of AGC Baby Centre.

Enjoying the gift from the children.

The Deputy Governor giving Hope a treat.

Emmanuel preparing to give the closing prayer.

A very special day!

     God has truly shown us great favor.  The Deputy Governor has given us his assurance that he will be bringing the Governor to see the Baby Centre.



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  1. What a huge event it was!! I am glad to see all these photographs here. You know dear I have been going to attend such an international conference in the next week. Actually my brother owns a corporate event planning firm and he got the opportunity to organize this event. So he has asked me to join him in this event. Feeling quite excited!