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Sunday, July 5, 2015


     It's been a little while since our last blog and we wanted to show you just a few things that we have been up to since then.
     Since the Deputy Governor's visit there have been many meetings and many people working on getting time for the Governor to come visit at Baby Centre.  And also the President of Kenya.  None of these dates have been set yet.
     We've had 4 VIA's here at Baby Centre from February to April.  We've had a team from Northern Ireland come and visit and help with VBS and projects around the Centre. Tommy and Lavern Anderson always bring great teams. We had a great time with them.

Tommy Anderson Team

     We had another fish harvest. The fish continue to do well. Some of these our Board members were able to sample. We will be harvesting again in June. The project is doing very well.

Carson showing off the harvest

     We had our WGM Retreat. It was held in Naivasha this year due to security concerns at the coast. Our speaker did a great job and we had a very good time.
     We made a trip back to the states.  It was a combined trip that included medical necessities for Dana, as well as a couple personal events.
     Our daughter Talia graduated from Bethel College with a major in International Health.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude.
Talia on left, two of her good friends, Emily (middle) and Rachelle (right)

Dana, Talia, Dana's Mom Beverly, Dana's sister Dawn, & Hopie
     We also had a Bridal Shower for Talia.  She and her fiancé, Bryson Bauer, are to be married in August of this year.

Tiffany & Nathan

   We also were blessed to be home for our oldest son Nathan and his fiancé Tiffany as they were married on May 9th. Nathan has also started his own electrical company Jacobs' Electric and it is doing very well.

     We celebrated our son Carson's 17th birthday while we were back too.  Carson stayed in the states for the summer to take his SAT, work with his brother, and spend some time with Talia before she is married in August. He is greatly missed here in Kenya.

Karissa & Jeremiah
     Our niece Karissa came to visit us for a week.  She really enjoyed the babies. It is great to have family come and see what you do.

     We have also had a number of in-country visitors. We have started a new group of business people here in Kenya that are passionate about the ministry here at the Baby Centre. This is just the start of a much bigger plan to get the entire community involved in rescuing these babies.

Baby Centre Champions

Chloe Joanna

One of our newest arrivals, she has had a rough start, but continues to pick up and do well.

     This past week we celebrated Hope's 3rd birthday.  We had a party for her and decided that we again needed to have water balloons so the adults could have some fun too.  :)  And fun was had by all.

Dana & Hope blowing out her birthday cake

Hope, on left, with Numbani ya Tumaini kids and Pastor & Betty Rop's kids
   So as you can see there are many things going on. We are now preparing for our trip to the States to have Dana's medical check and to celebrate Talia and Bryson's wedding. When we return at the end of August Carson will be returning with us.
   We will have the privilege to speak at several venues when we are back and give an update on the Baby Centre, Hope's adoption, the way forward for us, and many other ministries that we have been able to help with. We look forward to connecting with as many people as we can. We will be posting our schedule when we arrive in the US. It will be at the end of July when we arrive.

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