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Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Busy Couple of Weeks

Jesse Aaron
    We have been blessed with three new additions at the Baby Centre.  Two of the children were abandoned at a local hospital, the third child was at the police station.  All three of the children were about 7-8 days old when we received them.  And all three of them are doing very, very well, and have been getting much love and care from all our staff as well as the current VIA's we have with us.  We are up to 24 infants in Wing A!  That is a lot of diapers to change and mouths to feed!  Our caregivers have their hands full and are doing a wonderful job.
Sapphira Ruth

Simon Levi
     We have also had 6 adoptions just this week, and there are more coming up very soon.  These children and their parents were all so happy and we were so blessed to be able to celebrate this special occasion with them.

Angel Jerusha

April Jewel

Hadassah Rose

Joseph Daniel

Noah Jordan


     We have some great VIA's that we have the pleasure of having here.  They have been a great help to us already in so many different areas.  Shelley Anderson is here until the end of April.  She comes from Northern Ireland.  Pam Gerardot and her daughters, Tabitha and Stacia, are from close to our hometown.  They live in Ft. Wayne, IN.  Pam and Tabitha have been with us for about a month, and Stacia just arrived at the same time Shelley did.  Pam heads home next week, Tabitha and Stacia stay with us until the first part of April.

Shelley Anderson

Tabitha, Pam & Stacia Gerardot

     We also have done some re-arranging of our office staff.  Many of you know that Catherine Habib left the Baby Centre in January to work at AGC Central Church office in Nairobi.  Taking Cate's place is Betty Rop as Outreach Ministries Manager, and Gideon Kerich as Financial/Business Manager.  Everlyn Korir has been with us for some time and is now fully into her role at Baby Centre as Early Childhood Development Coordinator.  She has some wonderful ideas and works with our children to make sure that they are developing as they should and will also work diligently with our special needs children.

Betty Rop -- Outreach Ministries Manager

Everlyn Korir -- Early Childhood Development Coordinator

Gideon Kerich -- Finance/Business Manager

     We also wanted to show everyone a picture of Joshua with his new prosthetic.  He was leery of it at first, but once he became use to it and understood what it was all about he quickly started practicing walking with it.  He is doing very well and progressing very nicely.

Joshua & Dan when he arrived back at Baby Centre from getting his prosthetic.

Joshua practicing walking.

     We are sorry for the long time frame between updates, we seem to get very little time to set and collect our thoughts. We have flown by the 300th baby mark, we now set at 304 and we are now at 140 adoptions, the Lord has opened the flood gates. The word continues to spread about the need for adoptive parents. We praise God for His provision of wonderful parents for our kids.
    Please continue to remember our special needs children and the new laws that are hampering efforts to find loving families for the special children.

    As always we thank you for your love and support to us, the staff and the babies at the Baby Centre.



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