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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Goats Have Arrived!

     We have goats!!  We are so pleased to finally have our goats at the Baby Centre!  We currently have 6; 1 male and 5 female.  We are excited to begin the process of harvesting the goats milk, making goat yogurt, etc.  They seem to like their new pen.

     This month we had to say good-bye to a dear friend.  April Hershberger's term was up and she had to return to the United States.  April had been here for 2 years and her main focus was helping the staff with Childhood Development.  We will miss April very much as she had become a part of our family.

Tutaonana tena April!

Michael J.
     Over the past few months we have received some beautiful new additions to our Baby Centre family.

     Please remember to pray for each of these little ones as they continue to adjust to life here at the Baby Centre.  Also begin praying for Mom's & Dad's for them.  They are all so sweet and doing very, very well.
April J.
Baruch E.
Eli S.

Twins -- Boaz S. & Enoch Z.
George G.
Matthias J.

Noah J.

     Aren't they all just adorable!!

     Over the last couple of months we've also had a lot of adoptions.  We've had 8 kids go home with their forever families over the last two months!!  PTL!

     On a personal note we have a couple of announcements to make.  Some of you will already know about these.

Nathan & Tiffany
     Our oldest son, Nathan is now engaged and due to be married to Tiffany Lilly in May next year!  We are very happy for them.  Tiffany and her daughter Audrey are a blessing to our family.

     As some of you know, our daughter Talia joined us for the "summer".  It was so nice to have her
Bryson & Talia
here with us.  And as you can imagine, it was so difficult for all of us when it came time for her to go back to her life in the states.  After she arrived back in the states, her boyfriend, Bryson Bauer proposed to her!  So we are very excited that there will be a wedding sometime in the not to far off future.  Not only that but Talia will graduate from Bethel this next May!!

     Dan and I also made a medical trip back to the states for 10 days in July.  I had to get another PET scan and injection and see my medical oncologist.  We had a great report!  And the disease continues to leave the bones!  Another PTL!!

     We also have more wonderful news to announce!  On August 24th, not only was it Dana's birthday, but our granddaughter Elisabeth and Dan's father both were baptized!  What a wonderful celebration!  We are so blessed by the news of both of these, although it is bittersweet that we are not able to be there to celebrate with them.  But we know that our Lord and Savior is celebrating Lissie's and Dad's public commitment to living for the Him!

   We also have been blessed with Melody Dearmon coming to serve with us here at the Baby Centre for the next several months. She is working on helping us with the Caregiver Staff development. She is also just a joy to have around.

   We thank you all for your prayer and financial support. You are all a blessing to us!


   D & D