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Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Birthday Party!

     After a very stressful week, it was great to have a birthday celebration with the children this morning.  Everyone had a fantastic time!  We did face painting, playing in the pools, had fun with water balloons (and then eventually with buckets and then the hose!), took turns hitting a piñata, had fun with noisemakers, then had candy, popcorn and cupcakes.  We wanted to share some of the photos that I took during all the fun.
     Also want to thank the VIA's that are here, Shelley Anderson, Tabitha Gerardot, Stacia Gerardot, and also April Hershberger for all the work they did to help make today happen.  Hope you enjoy the photos.

Pool fun

The rush for the candy after the piñata broke
Lining up for cupcakes and singing Happy Birthday

Whacking the piñata

Pius being taken to get drenched with water

Pool fun

Shelley face painting

Tabitha face painting

Children getting sprayed by the hose

Manu joining in on the fun

Tabitha and the fish piñata that she made

Stacia trying to get some photos

     Thanks for reading!!



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