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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Month Back - 17 Feb

     Well, it has now been one month that we have been back here in Kenya. In some ways that is hard to believe, and in other ways it seems like we have been back for much longer! It is all in a good way, there has been a lot of things happening.
    Dana is doing very well. God continues to heal her and strengthen her in a miraculous way!!! She is walking around the house now, mostly without her cane. We are able to resume almost all of our normal activities. She has been very busy putting together the new Baby Centre calendar for 2014. It should go to print by the end of this week. She is also updating the Baby Centre website and we are hoping to launch it before the end of the month.
    The babies are doing well. We are working on a Child Care Policy Manual with the staff, and should have that completed by the first of April. This will ensure that are babies are getting the best and most consistent care we can provide. We are also working on a new campaign that will give us different ways to support the Baby Centre. We continue to look at ways to reduce our budget, and be more self-supporting. The challenges with this are great. I can't be more specific than this because some of the items are directly government related, but please be in prayer for the Baby Centre.
    Carson is doing well and so is Hope. We are slowly getting started with her paperwork, this will be a long process in which we must have great patience. Something that Dana and I have been learning over the last year.
    We are looking forward many teams and visitors coming to visit the Baby Centre this summer. We are also working on many areas of training for the staff. We are also doing some worship and teaching each morning in our daily staff meetings. The response in very positive, and we are seeing staff members growing in their roles. We thank the Lord for the team He has assembled for us.

Much more to come..........


D & D

Thursday, February 6, 2014

6 February 2014 Update

     We are blessed to have two wonderful VIAs from Northern Ireland with us at this time.  Kim is an artist and she is doing marvelous murals on the walls in the Wings as well as the office area.  She is an extremely talented young lady, as you can see in the photo below she has painted Jesus holding a little baby on the wall in the office area.  She is now working on animals and letters in one of the Wings.  She has a servants heart and is willing to help in whatever area she is asked to.  She is a blessing to everyone here.  Kim is also enjoying spending time interacting with the children each day.

Kim Mailey

     Jackie is also with us as a VIA.  Jackie was here last May with a team and felt God calling her to come back and serve for a longer period of time.  Having had Jackie with us previously we knew her heart and the love she has for these babies and were thrilled that she wanted to come back.  She has been a blessing to us, the staff and the babies.  She has a sweet, gentle spirit.  Jackie is a nurse so she has enjoyed helping our nurses weigh the babies, help with paperwork, and with meds, etc.  

Jackie Burton

     Both girls have also been helping with VBS, walking the older kids to school and back, and just loving on the children.  They have both been wonderful and we are glad that we have them with us for another couple months.

     We have many VIAs scheduled to come and serve at the Baby Centre this year.  Some have been here before, some have not.  We are looking forward to seeing what God does in each of their lives while they are here.  We are so thankful to the Lord for putting the Baby Centre on the hearts of others and for the VIAs, teams, etc. that He sends our way.

     We are all doing fine.  We have been very busy.  Dana is very quickly putting together a 2014 Baby Centre Calendar.  We plan to take it to the printer today.  We have been working on Baby Centre promotions for this year.  We will be doing something new.  We are putting together very specific care packets for the babies.  These packets include formula, diapers, etc.  There is much more to follow on this.  These packets will be distributed throughout Kenya and all other areas around the world that sponsor the Baby Centre.  This will be an exciting way to get more intimately involved with what is going on at the Baby Centre.

     Another exciting thing that is happening is that the daily football (soccer) game that Carson started is still going strong, though beginning today a slight change has been made.  Now every Thursday instead of playing football, they will be having a mens Bible study during that time.  This football game has been so instrumental in bringing the men together and creating a bond with them.  It is exciting to see them begin a Bible study together.