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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tiny Additions

     Just when you think it is going to be a quiet day...meet our newest, very little, very precious, additions at AGC Baby Centre. They are Naomi and twin brother Jonathon.  They are just 4 days old.  Naomi weighs 3lbs.12oz. and Jonathon weighs 4lbs.4oz.  Their mother passed away just two days after delivering them.  Please join us in praying for these little ones to start eating well and begin gaining weight.


Naomi and Jonathon all snuggled up keeping warm

     We are thanking the Lord for their young lives and that He has placed us here and given us the resources to be able to care for them and make them strong and thrive.
     These are days that put life in perspective for all of us. We feel like things aren't going the way we want them to, or we feel like we are having a very difficult day, and then this. Seeing people dealing with life and death issues, seeing two young lives that are very fragile. We are so thankful for God's provision in this place. These last two days have strongly reaffirmed why we are here, and why the Baby Centre exists. Thank you for your continued support of the Baby Centre and us.

D & D

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Home, Friends and Nairobi

     Hi everyone!  Wanted to post a quick update to let you know everything that has been going on these last few days.
     As you read earlier Jamie & Jolinda were here for a Board Meeting and for a visit.  We were so blessed to have them with us.  Today we had to take them to the airport for their flight out back to the states.  Wow, that was really very difficult.  Not the drive, but saying goodbye to them, that was very, very hard.  It was so nice having someone from home being with us here in Kenya.
     While they were here they helped us move into our new home on the Baby Centre compound.  We slept there last night and it was so nice.  It will be good to have a little place to try to get away for some quite time (something that doesn't happen very often).  We were so thankful for Jamie & Jolinda's help, and for the workers at the Baby Centre's help with moving all our stuff.  It will be good to finally be settled in our home.  We have started unpacking everything now and finding a place for it all.
     Right now we are in Nairobi staying at Robyn Moore's house for the night.  She was so sweet to let us come and stay with her after dropping Jamie & Jolinda at the airport. We will be doing some paperwork in Nairobi tomorrow. Then we will head back to the Baby Centre in the afternoon.
    Next week we will start the process at the Baby Centre of reorganizing the management. It is an exciting time of bringing some very talented people into the mix of the top management. We are looking forward to seeing God's plans unfold. We are starting on several new projects. We will be able to update you on them next week. These are very exciting times at the Baby Centre. We have seen the local church really step up in the last few weeks by bringing donations of food and money, it has been very encouraging.
     Thank you all for reading, for praying, and for being an encouragement to us.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

20 October 2012 Blog

     It has been awhile since our last post.  There has been so much happening here at the AGC Baby Centre.  If you are connected to the Baby Centre Facebook page you will know that we had two babies adopted on Friday.  It is always wonderful and humbling to see the children bond with their adoptive parents.  To see these families that the Lord has brought together makes our hearts full of joy and thankfulness that He has given us the opportunity to play a small part in their lives.

Rael and her mommy, daddy, and big sister

Susan with her mommy and daddy

     We've been busy here with a lot of groups that have come by to help out by having a work day, or just coming to learn more about the Baby Centre and the children that are here.  They have all been a blessing to us, to the Baby Centre staff, and to the children.   There were college students from Kabarak University that came last weekend and helped out by doing a lot of cleaning around the centre.  They all worked very hard for the entire day!  Not to mention they gave up a Saturday to come.  Below are a few photos from that day.

     We also want to continue to introduce you to staff members.  Christine has been employed at the Baby Centre for 6 years.  She holds a Diploma in Business Administration and serves as the Baby Centre’s Bookkeeper/Receptionist.

    Christine says “being a ministry to the little children I enjoy working here and see the amazing transformation upon their lives as they come in and as they join wonderful families.  I have learned  a lot working with the babies since I started as a caregiver.  I love those little friends who cherish my heart daily.  I feel blessed working here, as a church based institution, it is a service to the Lord!”
     Christine has a wonderful attitude and always has a smile to welcome you.  She is a blessing to the Baby Centre and we are thankful that she is a part of the team.  Please remember to pray for Christine.
     Last week we were blessed with our good friends, Jamie & Jolinda, coming for a visit.  We have been having such a good with them, and are very happy that they are here.  We have many things to accomplish while they are here so please pray for clear minds and abundant time to do what needs to be done.
     Please pray for the upcoming board meeting that is on this next Tuesday.  There are a lot of decisions to be made in the next few weeks as we move forward with some exciting changes coming to the B.C.
     Thank you again for staying connected with us.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

School's Out

  We have finished our first three weeks of language school and are looking forward to the break. The last three weeks have been very intense. Our Kiswahili teacher Jacken has been great! He said that we are doing great. We will continue in January with our intermediate and advanced classes. It is intersting to go to church now and understand most of what they are saying. Carson is doing excellent and he can actually converse in Swahili already. Dana and I are a little behind him.
  As school has been going on, we still have had many other things going on as well. We have had sickness at the AGC Baby Centre with many babies having viruses. We cleaned the entire BC this last Saturday from top to bottom, Todd Eckhardt and Bill Bucher were here and helped out with carrying beds back in. They were also here in country to launch the Africa Gospel Church Men with Vision Chapter. We met to look at the MWV project for 2013. It will be a new training complex out next to water project in Salgaa.
  We are working on some updates on babies that will come out this week in our newsletter. We are also continuing to work on new projects at the BC. I look forward to showcasing some of these in the next few weeks. We have met with a Biogas company and are working with them to install one here at the BC to take care of all of the kitchen gas needs. These are some of the small steps we are taking towards self-sustainability.
  We praise God for being with us through language school these last three weeks. We praise God for watching over the babies and His healing touch upon them. We thank God for our guards and the protection they provide for all of us each night. We thank God for our prayer warriors. We thank God for our financial team members.
  Please continue to pray for us, missing family and friends. We also dearly miss our church family. Pray as we continue with changes and transitions here at the BC. We are re-organizing the office, and going through many operational changes, we pray for guidance and wisdom. We have some wonderful people here at the BC, and are looking forward to seeing how God uses their gifts, talents and abilities to further our ministry here.
  D & D