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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Thursday Staff Devotions


     We had staff devotions in Wing A this last Thursday.  We go into each Wing usually once a month on Thursday and hold and pray for the babies by name.  We pray for the Holy Spirits presence in their lives and
that each child is released from any hold their past may have on them.
     We currently have two new VIA's with us, Pam & Tabitha Gerardot, serving at the Baby Centre.  They are a joy to work with and are so very helpful to us. We are very blessed to have them here with us these next few weeks.

     As we said, this month was our turn in wing A.  It is really special to be able to go into the Wing, hold a baby, and pray for that child specifically. As the staff is their temporary parents, we know that along with feeding, bathing and clothing the babies, we need to show them through prayer how much their heavenly Father loves them.

Dan with Liam and Victoria
Dana with Victoria

     We have also received our 300th baby this month!  Three hundred little souls rescued!
     Keep our 300th baby, Joel, in your prayers as he is at Tenwek Hospital.  It was discovered that Joel has sickle cell anemia. He is a very special boy (as they all are :) ). We pray that he will return to us soon, and we can shower him with love.


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