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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Big Start for the New Year!

Eunice and her new mom and dad
     We started off the new right with two babies going home with their new mom and dad!  Eunice and Natasha were so happy to be with their new families.  It was a blessing to see these new families formed within the second week of the new year!

Natasha and her new mom

     We also were blessed with two new little ones.  Both Graham and Lydia joined our Baby Centre family this year within the first two weeks.  Graham is about 5 months old and Lydia is about 3 months old.



    Hope and Sella both are having various tests done to help in the decision making process as to what is the best route for their health needs.  Please pray for both of these little ones.  We know they are in God's hands and we trust Him to provide what is needed for each situation.

Front Gate

     We are in the process of many improvements at the Baby Centre and wanted to share with you some photos of the projects.  We are improving the front gate by increasing the height of it, and we will be also closing it off so that it is more difficult to climb.

     We are also in the process of finishing the joints in the fence. This makes it more difficult to remove individual stones and gain access to the facility. As a bonus, it makes the fence look finished and very smart.

Masons working on wall
Finished product

Zero-grazing Cow Enclosure
     We have also stared construction of our zero-grazing area for our cows.  This will give us more security for the cows, it will save us money, and we will have healthier cows.  We are hoping to have this completed before the beginning of March.  A big thank you to those who contributed to this project.  It will impact the lives of our babies greatly.

Area for Fish Farm 
      We are also working on the fish farm, the area has been selected and we are to start construction in the next week. We are excited to start this new venture and are working our way the the proper paperwork and government ministries to do things correctly. Please continue to keep all of these items in your prayers. We continue to look to God for His guidance and wisdom as we move forward on many fronts.  

     Thank you for your support of this ministry, we see God's hand in this each day. This would be impossible without the leading, blessing and provision of God. We are thankful for the many hearts that have been touched by their involvement in the Baby Centre. We are blessed each day to see how God redeems the lost, and provides and transforms each of our children's lives.


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