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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Year

Happy New Year!

      I know that we are a little late with this, but we do wish everyone a wonderful New Year.  Ours started off a little rough with sickness.  Talia arrived on the 21st of December and proceeded to catch a bug and ended up sick for Christmas.  We still had a good Christmas at the Baby Centre.
     We had a pancake and sausage breakfast for the babies on Christmas morning, and a Happy Birthday Jesus cake!!  All of us pitched in by preparing and serving the children.  What a great way to start out Christmas morning by serving those the Lord has entrusted to us.  Enjoy the pictures below.

     I (Dan) got sick on the 28th of December with a touch of pnuemonia again, but with some rest and medication I am doing very well now.
     The holidays were a very busy time for us with many visitors coming to the Baby Centre.  We had many local churches bringing food, clothes and money for the babies.  It is exciting to see the local church starting to engage.  I have a friend that is an AGC missionary that has beome a regular visitor to the Baby Centre, and he supports us on a monthly basis.  He is an inspiration to us of the partnerships we are forming.
     We continue to work through changes here at the Baby Centre to move us to a position for the future.  It is exciting to see the staff take on their new challenges and new responsibilities.  We are currently is the process of shoring up the security here at the Baby Centre by finishing up the keying of the stone wall.  This makes it much more difficult to remove the stones and gain entry through the wall. We are also re-doing the front gate, making it taller and covering it with sheet metal to make it more difficult to get over the top. We have also implemented new entry procedures at the gate for visitors.  All these measures are to make the babies more secure.  We are also preparing for the upcoming elections.  We prepare for the worst but pray and hope for the best.  The elections are now less than 8 weeks away.
     We are also starting on our project to move our dairy cows to the Baby Centre compound.  This actually started today.  Emmanuel and I met with the Ministry of Fisheries over the last two days and we are getting some Governmental support for our fish project.  They will help us with the digging and stocking of the pond.  We will still have to build the tank and supply the liner, but every part helps.  The construction of the Bio-gas plant should start next week.  Busy, busy, busy.
     On Christmas Eve we had a call to come pick up a little girl.  Stella is a little blessing here at the Baby Centre.  And just last week Rachel Salome went home with her mommy and daddy.  We are at 63 babies to date.




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