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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

30 January 2013

   The last few weeks have been as usual, very busy.  We had the AGC Baby Centre Board Meeting on the 22nd of January.  Jamie Lengacher was here for that and to go over financial and business items.  The meeting went very well.  It was the first time for our new administrative team and our new structure.  We continue to see many wonderful changes in the operations here at the BC.
   We continue to see the local church engage more and more.  We had the opportunity to speak with 30 of the urban church pastors at a retreat close by the Baby Centre.  We also were very excited to host them for a visit here.  Many of them had never been to the Baby Centre, and they were amazed.  They left with a fever to go back to their churches and challenge their congregations to engage with the Baby Centre.
   We have also seen more than a dozen of Baby Centre employees come forward and pledge to financially support the Baby Centre on a monthly basis.  God is moving in a mighty way, we are so excited to see what is next.

   We continue our work this week on the cow enclosure.  It is going very well and should be completed by the 15th of February.  We started just today on the methane plant that will produce all of our cooking gas needs.  This should also be completed by the 15th of February.  Last year alone, we spent almost 200,000ksh on cooking gas.  That is about 2,500.00 USD.  That is very exciting.  After we are finished with the cow enclosure we will immediately start the construction of the fish pond.
   We also have several events coming up at AGC churches during the next months.  As those get closer we will post about them.

    With all that going on we have also had two more children come to join us at the Baby Centre.  Pictured below are little Owen, who is about 1-1/2 years old, and Zachery who is about 2 months old.  They are such a blessing to us here.  Both are adjusting very well to life at the Baby Centre.


   We also want to request prayers for one of our little ones that is headed to Tenwek next week for surgery.  Hope was born with a hole in her heart and it needs to be repaired.  We have been waiting to try to get her to gain some weight before the surgery as she is very small for her age.  But her little heart is working so hard and it is just causing her to not gain that weight we were hoping for.  So, it is time to have the surgery done.  We believe her surgery will be on Tuesday, 5th February.  Please pray for the surgeons as they prepare to operate.  Pray for God's guidance, and that His hands are their hands.  Also pray for safe travel as we will be traveling to and from Tenwek.  Dana will be going with Hope and staying at Tenwek for the surgery and her recovery time, which will be at least a week.

   As always we thank you for your love and support of us and this ministry.  Thank you for reading and staying updated with what is happening.



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