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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Staying Busy

   This has been another busy week for us. There are so many things going on, it would be very hard to put it all down. We have completed our second week of language school. It is going great, but is very time consuming. We continue to work into our rolls her at that Baby Centre. Dana is working with several teams that are already signed up for next year as well as continuing with Carson in doing double duty keeping home-schooling going on with language school.
   I am continuing with getting to know the staff and getting a feel for the operations side of the BC. I have been meeting with Staci and the staff getting a feel for how we proceed from here to maximize our staff and give the babies the best care we can. We continue to work on several projects and are close to having numbers to present to the board. We need to move the dairy cows to the BC as soon as we can, this will help operations on many levels.
  We continue to see adoptions going very well. We have several pending right now. Once we are out of language school, Dana will be able to get information out on the latest adoptions.
   We attended the opening of the Irongo Africa Gospel Church today. It was about a 2 1/2 hour drive. Jim Vanderhoof was the guest speaker. Jim, Alice, April, Dana, Carson and myself went. It was a great time, however very tiring as most in country trips are. We were very warmly greeted and were invited to one of the pastors' home for chakula cha mchana (lunch).
  Please pray this week for the following:
  -  Soft minds for learning Kiswahili
  -  Strength and health for the long days
  -  Continued transition issues (missing family)
  -  Wisdom for many decisions to be made
   We thank God for showing Himself to us daily. Apart from Him we can do nothing. He is our strength and our Shield. We are so thankful for safe travel today on the Kenyan roads. We are also thankful for a large group of Baby Centre staff that see their role here as much more than a job, they see it as their mission also.



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