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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Busy Days at the B.C.

    We had a very busy week last week. We continue to get used to our new environment and get settled in at the Africa Gospel Church Baby Centre.  Dana and I started working in the office Monday, getting to know the staff better and how things work in Kenya.  The staff are doing a very good job.  We are here to help them with better tools to do their jobs, and get more efficency out of what we have.  Self-sustainability is being used each day as a teaching tool.  The staff seem to be very open to the new ideas, it will take months to get some of the items implemented.  We are very encouraged.
    Dana has started working with a couple of teams already for next year.  We are excited to see so much interest in teams coming.  I have continued on working with getting project proposals together for the October Board Meeting.  I am excited to see the buy-in from the staff on getting these ideas off the ground.  We are currently working on fish farming, zero-grazing for our milk cows, and goats for meat. Please pray for wisdom in all of these areas.
    We also don't want to forget why we are here, the babies.  We currently have not posted much as we are still getting a feel for the rules of posting.  However we can say that things are very fluid here. There are many adoptions in progress, and we have taken in one infant, and we know of some more that will be coming shortly.  In the next several weeks Dana will be getting up to speed on where we are at with all of these situations.  We can say that God is moving in the lives of these babies and bringing the right people to us at the right time.
    This past weekend we were at Tenwek for the September Field Meeting.  This was our first Field Meeting since being on the field.  It was great to get to meet all of the other missionaries that we knew of but have never met in person.

     We are so blessed at the AGC Baby Centre with a wonderful administration staff and we wanted to make sure all of you knew who some of these people are.  So, in the next few blog posts, we are going to introduce you to them.   This way too you can pray specifically for our staff by name.
     Robert is one of the nurses at the Baby Centre.  He and his wife, Leah, live in Maai Mahiu, along with their three children, Joshua, 7 years, Esther, 5-1/2 years, and Ruth, 2 years.
Robert -- Nurse at AGC Baby Centre
     Robert has worked at the Baby Centre full-time for 9 months, but has been part of our community as a substitute nurse for nearly 2 years.  He retains a higher diploma in Pediatric Nursing.  He enjoys working at the Baby Centre and says “It’s a service, a calling, a ministry doing what it takes to achieve institutional goals with an aim of making tomorrow better than yesterday to God’s Glory.”
     We are very thankful to have Robert on staff and appreciate all he does to keep the babies and all of us healthy. 

    With all of the good news there are some things that you can be praying for:
     -  God's direction and wisdom in the next steps.
     -  God's hand in everything we do.
     -  Language school that we begin on Monday.
     -  Time to rest and to daily spend time with God.
     -  Health for us and all at the Baby Centre, and those family members we left back at home.
     -  Continued provision of prayer supporters and financial supporters.
     -  More volunteers and teams that want to come to the Baby Centre.
     -  Carson has started school so pray for him as he is in 9th grade this year and the day is much,
        much longer for him and there is a lot more work involved.
      We thank our dear children and families that have scarified so much by our being so far away from home and away from them.  And we thank all of our friends and supporters for their many sacrifices as well that allow us to be here.  Most of all we thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all He has done in our lives and the lives of everyone here.


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