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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Settling in

   Well, we are finishing up two weeks here and we are starting to feel normal sleep wise and eating wise. We have all been in good health and we do thank God for that. We are also so thankful for all of the prayers lifted up on our behalf, that are felt each day. We had services at AGC Ngata today and we were able to greet the congregation there. It was a great time of fellowship, and we had several familiar faces to greet us.
   Carson was in a table tennis tournament with the youth at the Ngata church yesterday. It was a singles tournament, and he won the tournament. He is a champion on two continents now! It was a great way for him to meet guys and girls his own age.
   We had a very busy week.  On Tuesday, I traveled to Nairobi to drop off paperwork for the water truck that we are trying to get shipped over the the Baby Centre for the water business. I was also able to pick up our personal vehicle and drive it back to Ngata. 
   On Thursday I visited an urban farm where cows are kept in a zero grazing pen, and they also collected their excrement to create bio-gas. It is a great set-up and we look forward to getting some proposals together to see if we can move forward with this at the Baby Centre. I will be traveling back there on Tuesday for more research. We also visited a Tilapia pond and learned about how to get started with fish farming. We will be working on that proposal also.
   Dana attended a women's prayer breakfast on Saturday, it lasted over 6 hours. She said they had a great time. Carson and I went to the farm at Salgaa and helped in harvesting the butternut squash. It was a great harvest. It was the second harvest, and this time we collected over 200 squash.
   Also on Saturday I was told that a cow was giving birth at the farm so I went down to be a part of the event. Things did not turn out as we had hoped and the calf was still-born. It was very sad.
   So, we are very thankful to God for strength for the week. As we look forward to this week we look to a very busy schedule. Carson starts school tomorrow. Dana and I will start picking up our responsibilities in the office at the Baby Centre. We will also have a crew this week starting on the finishes on our home. On Friday we will travel to Tenwek Hospital for our field meeting.
   Please pray for Carson as he starts his new year. Pray for Dana and I as we start in earnest our new responsibilities. Pray for the Baby Centre as we work through all of these staff changes. We are very grateful for our new guards and guard dog, they make us feel very safe. Please pray for the Ngata area as they are still experiencing break-ins in the area. Please also pray for safety in travel, as many of you know the roads are one of the most dangerous places to be.
   Thank you for standing with us. Thank you for your prayers and your support.

   D & D

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