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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Preparing For Training

     We have been busy getting ready to head to Colorado for our training which begins on June 11th.  We will be there for 5 weeks taking SPLICE/PILAT training.  These courses are designed to help us with language acquisition and also to prepare us for living in a different culture.  We look forward to this training as it gets us one step closer to getting to the field. 
     We are looking forward to getting to the Baby Centre, and our target date is still in August.  We have fallen a little behind in our monthly support and are planning on having an event on July 15th at Nappanee Missionary Church to raise awareness of our need for other partners in our ministry.  We are currently at 59% of our total monthly need.  We need to be at 90% by the end of July in order to meet our goal of being in Kenya in August.  God has blessed us so much over this last year in so many ways.  We know that when He calls, He provides and we are confident in His timing that the funds necessary to get us to the field will come in.
     Dan and I are finishing up our Perspectives class and should be done in the next two weeks.  Perspectives is very appropriately named as it has given us so many different facets of ministry that have helped shape and prepare our hearts for the task that lies ahead of us. 
     There have been many transitions in our lives over the last few weeks. Many ask how we are doing with all of the changes.  It is difficult to describe, but there is a definite peace that can only come from God. Knowing that He is in control and that we are fully committed to our mission.  We look forward to serving our Lord and Savior, the people of Kenya, the babies at the Baby Centre and all of our ministry partners.
     Let us know how we can partner with you and bring you along with us to bring the Gospel to the people of Kenya.


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