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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Power of Prayer

    We had an amazing day today that I promised God I would share yet tonight.  We were on our way to North Platte, Nebraska, this morning after leaving the worship service at Taintor Community Church.  It was an amazing morning of worship and fellowship at Taintor.  We re-connected with friends and were blessed abundantly.  We are so grateful for our family of Christ at that church!
    We left the hotel and headed down the highway.  About 6 hours into the trip we stopped for gas. The engine when we slowed down began to shimmy and shake.  We had no idea what was wrong.  I pulled out of the gas station to an adjoining parking lot and looked under the hood.  The only thing I noticed was that the water pump seemed a little sloppy, but everything else looked good.  We decided to let the engine cool down and see if it might be a vacuum problem.  We started sending out prayer requests for the car to get us to North Platte.  We decided to eat supper and let the car rest. After eating and sending out the requests, we got in the car and started out.  The shimmy in it was terrible at low speed but got better as we increased speed.  We had over 100 miles to go to get to North Platte. 
     I remembered a story I had been told about the need for being very specific with your prayers. Our prayer request was that we would be able to make it to North Platte.  I began to pray specifically for Jesus to wrap His hands around the engine and protect it so that we could get to the parking lot of the hotel in North Platte, under its own power.  We had several people praying for us and there were some very tense moments over the next hour and a half.  Abount 50  miles from the hotel the engine started shaking and knocking very loud.  We intensified our prayer, believing fully that Jesus could and would see us through!  The engine quieted down and after one and a half hours of praying and driving we came off Interstate 80 and the hotel was in site.  The water pump finally gave way, the serpentine belt came off and we coasted into the parking space of the hotel.
   PRAISE GOD!!  What an awesome God we serve.  We were so grateful and appreciative of getting to the hotel.  It was not luck or skill that got us there, it was the awesome power of prayer!!!
   We are now praying for the repairs to be able to be completed so we can still get to our training on time. We know that God is in control, and we will get to the training at the exact time we are supposed to.
  I hope this story encourages you, I will be telling it all the rest of my days.

  Blessings and much Praise this evening,

  D & D

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