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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

PILAT Starts

  Late last night we finally made it to Colorado to begin our missions training at MTI (Missions Training International). We arrived about 10:30PM and were very grateful to see our rooms.

   We got a call this morning from a dear friend asking about our car trouble. He informed us that he knew of someone that wanted to help out. The entire bill for the car repairs has been taken care of. God has once again provided in such a big and tangible way. We are very humbled by the gifting and are very thankful for God's people being obedient to His call to help out a brother and sister in need. We can't adequately convey how touched we are, and how this entire story has increased our faith and shown us the power of prayer.

   Here are some pictures of the facility located by Palmer Lake just south of Colorado Springs.

     The first day was very intense as I am sure the rest of the days will be.  It's great to spend time with other missionaries and hear their stories. We have 67 people attending this session of PILAT. They are from all over the country and with God's provision will be spread all over the world. PILAT stands for Program In Language Acquisition Techniques. We will be learning skills needed to learn a new language. These skills can be used to learn any language so the training is not language specific. We look forward to the challenges in the days ahead. Talia and Carson are also doing very well. They have moved Talia into the adult program with Dana and I. Carson is with the teen boys, and they seem to be getting along great.

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