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Thursday, April 12, 2012

In Memoriam

     We've had a bittersweet couple of weeks in our family.  As you know Dana's brother was quickly succumbing to the cancer that had invaded his body.  On Saturday, April 7th, Doug left the pain and suffering of this world and went to be with Jesus.  
Dana and Doug
     We are comforted by the knowledge that Doug had accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.  We know that Doug is now in heaven with Jesus, whole again.  No more sickness, pain or suffering, Doug's body is brand new!!  Praise Jesus! 
     Now we must learn to accept this new normal with Doug absent.  Not an easy task!!  The hole we have in our hearts will never heal, but the Lord will fill it with His peace.  His mercy and grace is overflowing on Dana's family as we process all that has happened. 
     We were so thankful and overwhelmed with all the people that attended Doug's viewing and funeral.  Listening to their stories about Dana's brother were priceless.  We never knew the impact Doug had had on so many people.  People that he worked with, present and past, attended and warmed our hearts with their kind words. 
     Doug had gotten very bad and was in a lot of pain on Saturday, March 31.  He went to the hospital and was there several days where he continued to decline.  He was moved to Hospice House later that week.  That was an extremely hard decision to make.  All the people at Hospice House were wonderful and treated Doug with love and respect.  They took such good care of him, we will be forever grateful for that. 
      Knowing that Doug was not doing well at all, most of Dana's family stayed the night at Hospice House.  On Saturday, April 7th, Doug's breathing had gotten very sparatic.  The nurse on duty told us to remain close that day, the end was very near.  We prayed over Doug.  Dana sat and rubbed his arm and read the Bible to him most of the morning.  We all gave him kisses and said our final goodbyes preparing for the inevitable. 
     Dana knelt by Doug's bedside holding his hand and began praying outloud.  The rest of the family that were there gathered in and layed hands on Doug during this time.  After Dana finished praying Doug's breathing slowed even further and within minutes he had left us.  Our hearts were broken, never again to be the same.  We will miss Doug for the rest of our lives.  But knowing he has eternal life in Christ Jesus makes all the difference in the world.
     About the time Doug moved into his Hospice room, a pair of doves moved in outside of Doug's window.  They began building a nest in this pitiful tree.  The tree provided no protection whatsoever for the doves so it was so a little odd that they decided to build in it.  A dove represents peace, we believe it was no accident that they decided to build their nest right there within a couple feet from Doug's bedside.  God's peace was all over that place.  His presence was felt so strongly. 
     The viewing was Tuesday and the funeral Wednesday.  Dana opened the service with a very touching eulogy for her brother telling stories from the past as well as the story of Doug accepting Christ.  Talia also spoke and read scripture.  Dan also shared with words of tribute to Doug.  Then Pastor Dennis Ingle gave the rest of the message.  The funeral was beautiful!  We were all very touched by everyones kinds words and prayers.
    Please continue to keep the entire family in your prayers. We have been so blessed by our church family at NMC. Many strong prayer warriors that lifted us up through this difficult time, flowers, cards, meals, hugs, it has been overwhelming to be bathed in that much love. Thank you, thank you!
   In the midst of our darkest hours, we can say, blessed be the name of the Lord!
Blessings and many thanks,


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