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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Great time in Iowa

Pastor David & Jan Pinkerton
     I just returned from a couple of days in Iowa. What a great time of connections and fellowship we had. I was hosted in the home of Pastor David Pinkerton and his wife, Jan. They have a great gift of hospitality!  They fed me like a king, I think I actually gained some weight! We had a wonderful time of sharing and fellowship in their home. I had the privilege of sharing at Pastor David's church, the Taintor Community Church, in Taintor, Iowa in the Sunday morning worship service. I could feel the love of Jesus in that place. They were very excited about the Baby Centre and were very generous to us. We are glad to count them as prayer warriors and financial partners for our  ministry. We look forward to staying in touch with our new found friends.
Pastor David & Tammy Brown
Omega Church Ladies Group
     On Sunday evening I was asked to speak at the Omega Church in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Pastor David Brown and his wife Tammy made me feel so very welcome. The church is very alive and the Spirit was moving that evening. We prayed before the service and as I entered the worship area I was greeted by several women from the ladies group with quilts for the babies at the Baby Centre. They had also made one for Dana and I. What a wonderful example of love and service. Before they had even heard the stories of the babies, they were loving on them. Thank you so much ladies for your heart for us and the orphans of Kenya. The Omega Church was also very generous and we thank them for the commitment to prayer support and their financial gift.
     On Monday I had the opportunity to go to the Vermeer Plant in Pella, Iowa with Bill Bucher of WGM Men With Vision. It is an impressive facility and I am looking forward to partnering with them in the future. They are the ones that are working on the block machine for Haiti. Our connection at Vermeer is Donovan VanWyk. He is also the head of the Iowa Chapter of Men With Vision. Donovan and his wife Ruth were the hosts for the Men With Vision Iowa State dinner. They did a terrific job of setting the evening up. We had great food and Bill Bucher presented the Project for the next year. I then had the opportunity to tell about the Baby Centre and some goals and visions for future work in Kenya. We were also honored with an award by the Iowa Chapter of MWV. It is called the Home Run Hitters for Jesus. This was the third annual award and we are humbled and honored.

    There continues to be a lot going on, we are in the final stages of packing up our home, and will be moving out by the end of the month. We thank God for His provision and His goodness to us every day! We continue to see new team members join us in our mission to the babies. We are currently at 58% of our monthly support, so we are a little behind in that area, but put our faith in the Lord for His perfect timing in bringing us the remaining team members we need.

     Thank you for reading and keeping up with what is going on in this ministry.


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