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Sunday, October 18, 2015

AGC Baby Centre Transition Update

     We thought it might be time to update you on what is happening here at the Baby Centre with some of our staff.  We continue to work on our transitions and things are going very well.


     Emmanuel Muraran "Manu" currently the Deputy Director is continuing to learn the role of Director.  He and Dan are continuing to work closely together as they continue down the path of transition here at the Baby Centre.


     Millicent Muraran, Manu's wife, is currently engaging in many areas of the Baby Centre.  This includes working closely with Dana learning the role of Baby Centre Hospitality Coordinator.  She will be transitioning into this role and will be in charge of all International teams as well as National visitors when the Board deems her ready.  


     Everlyn Korir our Childhood Development Coordinator works very hard with the children making sure they are at the correct learning level for their age.  She works with the children that aren't old enough to go to school yet, does homework with the school kids, does evaluations of each child monthly, and also is working hard with the special needs children to help them reach their fullest potential through daily therapy.

Irene and Edith
     Edith, our Head Caregiver, works with all the children, as well as takes care of supply needs in each of the Wings.  She does a wonderful job of getting to know each child personally.  She also helps Everlyn with working with the special needs children and their daily therapy.

     Betty is doing a fantastic job as our Outreach Ministries Manager.  She is spreading the word about Baby Centre and making extremely important contacts that could prove very viable for Baby Centre in the future.
     She also has been the push behind the new "Champions" group.  They are a group of 20 Kenyans that are spreading the news about Baby Centre all over as they are all from different areas.  This group has organized important meetings, worked together with another organization to have a walk for Baby Centre, and have also made Baby Centre shirts that are available to other Champions or Friends of Baby Centre for a small donation.
     Betty will also be working with Dana to learn about all Baby Centre social media sites and learning how to maintain and update them.  Eventually, when she is ready, this will be part of what Betty will do each day.


     Our two nurses, Robert (pictured left), and Joyce (pictured below), continue to work very hard at meeting the medical needs of our babies.  They have such wonderful hearts for these children and strive each day to maintain health for all of them.
     Our children are in very good hands with Joyce and Robert attending to them.


     Christine remains as our Administrative Assistant and continues to help out our office staff in a large number of ways.
      She also enjoys helping out in the Wing's whenever we have the need.

     Our wonderful Social Worker, Irene, remains hard at work along with different adoption societies to find forever homes for our children.
     Frequently throughout the day you will find Irene loving on and feeding the babies in Wing A, or playing with the children in Wing's B or C.  She has a huge heart for these children and this Centre.

     Gideon continues to learn the financial ropes here at Baby Centre.   Here he is running through a report for the Board meeting.
     As with so many of our employees, Gideon can be found outside frequently during breaks playing with the children in Wing C.

     As you can see, we have many employees at the Baby Centre (these are just a few) and they all have big hearts for the children here.  Each of them play a vital role in the development of each of these children, whether physical, mental or spiritual.  We are blessed to have such a staff.



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  1. Appreciate the note about many of the staff members. Have been mentioning their names to the Father and had wondered how things were going in the transition. Carol T.