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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Special Sunday

     This past Sunday was Baby Centre Sunday at Ngata AGC.  The service began at 9:15 a.m. and lasted until 1:20 p.m., followed by a gathering at Baby Centre for a light lunch and tour.   There were 5 different churches represented as well as some governmental offices.
     During the church service a harambe was held, which is a fundraiser, for Baby Centre.  Over     Kshs 180,000/= was raised for operations.
     We were also privileged to have the Senator of Nakuru county attend, Honorable Lisa Chelule.  She is a remarkable women that plans on getting involved in a official capacity on behalf of Baby Centre.

Honorable Lisa Chelule

     This Sunday was prompted by a new group of individuals that are called Champions of Baby Centre.  This is a group of about 12 individuals, from Nakuru, Nairobi and many other towns, that have a heart and passion for these babies and go all over and speak on behalf of Baby Centre.

Dan delivering the sermon
     The Baby Centre Administrative team was in charge of the entire service.  Dan delivered the sermon, Pius was service leader, Emmanuel & Betty both delivered statistics on Baby Centre and our Champions, Gideon was in charge of worship, even some of our kids had a part singing and reciting Bible verses.

Baby Centre kids and Caregivers presenting during church

Manu presenting some statistics

Betty speaking of the "Champions"

Gideon leading worship
Rev. Pius also participated in worship

Some of our Champions
     We also have a 10K walk coming up on October 10th in Nairobi that all these individuals will attend.  This walk is sponsored by a Preparatory school in Nairobi that has a walk annually and raises funds for an organization, this year they chose Baby Centre.

In Wing A with the Senator
     A lot of our staff worked Sunday and so some had their children with them.  We wanted to pass along this photo.  Some of you may remember one of our first children here at Baby Centre, Lucy.  Well, this is Lucy today (the tallest child in the blue and white dress)!  She is just beautiful!  She is pictured below with her siblings and mom, Maorine.  We love seeing the children as they grow up and how they are getting along.

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