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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

5 November 2013 Update

Dear Team,

     Well it has been four weeks ago tonight that we arrived back here in the US. It has went by very fast. We continue to re-connect with people and re-connect with culture, that is definitely different for all of us.
    Dana continues on her re-hab curve of getting stronger each day. We praise God for that each day. We find out as we talk to doctors and other healthcare professionals just what a long list of miracles Dana and the rest of us have been blessed with. We had our appointment with the Neurologist and he says that Dana looks good and is tracking well. He has not changed anything that has been done or that we are doing. He asked about her physical therapy and who was doing it. When we told him we were, he smiled and said he hoped that it was going well. We will go back to see him again after the first of the year to see her progress. We felt great leaving there and went and celebrated with some coffee at one of our local coffee hangouts.
    Today we did our normal walking at the mall. Dana walked 3300 feet today!! She is well on her way to one mile by the end of the week!!! She still needs to use the walker. She still has balance issues, but they seem to be slowly getting better. We will not push her yet to walk without the walker, there is no reason to yet.
   We have also been privileged to speak in two of the small churches that support us, Acts 29 and Loving Disciples. We had a great time sharing Dana and Hope's stories and all that God has been doing in both of their situations. We have also been overwhelmed with people and groups of people bringing us meals! It has been wonderful, and I know we are all putting on some of the weight we lost over the last year.
    We have a few more doctors to see over the next several days and then will be back to see our lead doctor just before Thanksgiving. By that time we will have the overall picture of Dana's health and recovery and will be able to start looking at possible dates to return. We are praying for God to show us the right time. We are enjoying our time here, but we do also miss the Baby Centre and the staff and family there.

Praises: We praise God for all of the people loving on us so well, feeding us, and blessing us in so many ways.
            We praise God for His healing touch, to Dana and to all of us as we continue to rest and re-fuel.
            We praise God for good medical staff and good reports

Prayer Requests: Pray for Dana for continued and complete healing
                         Pray for wisdom for us, and our timing to go back.
                         Pray for the Baby Centre and staff

     Thank you again for all of your support. We have been and continue to be loved very well.
     If you would like us to come and speak to your group, we do have a few dates open yet that we can come and tell Dana's story and tell Hope's story. We also would be glad to update you on what is happening at the Baby Centre.


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