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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

13 November 2013

Dear Team,

   I wanted to send out a quick update. Dana continues to do well. She has walked now a mile, 4 days in a row. We will now work on accuracy, balance and speed. Her strength continues to get better and better. We have had several meetings with the doctors getting a long term game plan together for Dana. All of them agree she is doing very well, especially considering where she was 17 weeks ago today, in the recovery room in Nairobi.
  We have decided to go ahead as a precautionary measure and have Dana's ovaries removed. This will be done next Monday the 18th at 9:30 am local time on an outpatient basis. As long as all goes well she will be back home in the evening. This will mean that she will not be able to do any strenuous exercise for several days, so we pray that it will not set her back too far. We have been blessed once again with a great medical staff here, and they are excited to see us be able to return to our work at the Baby Centre. We do enjoy our time walking at Concord mall and have been able to talk to so many people out there and be encouraged by their stories of rehab, and I hope that Dana's story and how God has walked through this with us has been inspiring to them also.
  This Saturday we are having an open house for Hope in the Fireside room at church. We have posted some invites in the small churches, but did not advertise it beyond that. It is being called a baby shower/open house because we had had several people ask if Hope needed anything. Please feel free to stop in if you can, it is from 2:00 to 4:00. Gifts are definitely not required, the main reason for the open house is to introduce Hope. If you would want to bring a small gift, we did register a few items at Target. Because of the culture Hope comes from, and because we will be traveling back and forth for some time, we ask please no large gifts. Thank you.

  Praises: We praise the Lord for Dana's continued healing and strengthening
              Praise for a place like Concord mall to walk
              Praise the Lord for another team of dedicated medical professionals
              Praise the Lord for our families and all of their help
              Praise the Lord for our church family who have been awesome!!
Prayer Requests:  Pray for Dana's procedure on Monday that all will go well.
                         Pray for Dana's balance to continue to get better, this has been very slow coming back
                         Pray for the Baby Centre, I spoke with Manu today for about 45 minutes.
                                                             They are doing well, but do need our prayers.
Blessings, Dana, Talia, Carson, and Hope
Dan Jacobs
Africa Gospel Church Baby Centre

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