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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Celebrating A Life

     Yesterday was an emotionally exhausting day.  We laid to rest little baby Ruth that had passed away on Thursday morning.  The day was so full of emotions with saying good-bye to Ruth.  She leaves behind an empty spot in our hearts, but fills the space in heaven that the Lord had for her.  She completed her task here on earth and the Lord called her home.
     Her smile would light up a room.  No matter how gloomy you felt if you made your way into Wing B you would not leave without Ruth making you smile and laugh.  Suddenly your mood had changed and all because of this little gift from God, baby Ruth.  We could all learn something from Ruth's life.  You never know the impact you are going to have on someone with just a simple smile.

     We are so thankful for the time that Ruth was here with us, this is the only home Ruth ever knew.  We were the only earthly parents that Ruth ever knew.  This has the entire staff contemplating the significance of that role.
     In the midst of all of this, life goes on and we were called to pick up another abandoned child.  Please help us in welcoming Floyd Jacob to the Baby Centre.  He is a healthy one month old.

     Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the notes and prayers that have come our way.  These are very difficult times to go through, and the power of prayer and encouragement are very evident.



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