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Friday, March 1, 2013

And The Cows Come Home...

     We are very pleased to announce that the cows are now at the Baby Centre in their new structure.  They moved to the Baby Centre this afternoon.  Several of the staff along with the farms hands helped to drive the cows from the farm to the Baby Centre, it was quite a site.  Once the cows knew where we were headed they ran most of the way.  We had a hard time keeping up with them.

Loading the calves

Receiving instructions from the drive boss

Headin' out, raw hide!

Our son the cow herder

He's doing a good job bringing up the rear

Stampede, visitors crash gate

The Cow Pokes!!
     We also welcomed a new little one to the Baby Centre two days ago.  Her name is Angel and she is 2 years old.  Angel is very small for her age and we are still assessing her medical needs.  Please pray for her and wisdom for us as we move forward.

     We also said goodbye to two of our kids, Erick and Patrick (Patty), who went home with their grandmother yesterday.  Please pray for a smooth transition for them as they are placed back with family members.

Hope on her first game drive
     This past Sunday we had an opportunity to take a few hours in the afternoon and take a trip to Lake Nakuru Game Park.  It was Hope's first game drive and as you can see she was more than enthused by it.   At least she dressed for the occasion as you can see by her monkey shirt and pink capris.

     We also want to keep you updated on speaking engagements that we are having with AGC churches.  This Sunday, March 3rd, is Baby Centre Sunday at Ngata AGC, the church right next door to us.  All the Baby Centre kids will be dedicated during the service and we will present a power point presentation and Dan will give the message.   Please keep this speaking engagement in your prayers as well.
     Please remember Kenya in your prayers as we head towards elections on Monday, March 4th.  We are being told that the announcement of who won will not take place until Tuesday afternoon.


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