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Monday, March 12, 2012

Things are moving!

     It has been a great week with many things going on. We have had quite a bit of activity on the house and had a showing last night. It went very well and we are currently working on a deal. Praise God for bringing us together with these people. This has been a wonderful experience to share with many what God is doing in our lives and to hear other people's stories. Please pray for God's guidance in working out all of the details and that the deal would be a blessing to all parties! We continue to pack and move items into storage in anticipation of the sale!
    Our schooling is progressing very well and we enjoy it very much. We are now past the half-way point with our Perspectives class and are ready to complete our first IWU class this week.
    We have been asked to speak at several venues over the next two months. On April 15th we will be in Iowa at the Taintor Community Church in the morning and then at the Omega Church in Oskaloosa that evening. We will then speak at the Men With Vision Iowa State dinner on the 16th. In May we will be in Middlebury speaking at the Indiana/Michigan dinner for MWV. We are looking forward to all of the opportunities to share our passion for the work in Kenya.
     We were able to check out the new water truck that is going over to Kenya in the next several weeks to be added to the water business there in Salgaa. Here is a photo of the truck, it is beautiful! Just think of the life giving water it will provide and the life giving love of Jesus that comes with every drop. Thank you to the many individuals who have made the water business possible.

   Another ministry opportunity that I have doing extensive research on is Tilapia farming. Tilapia are fish that are indigenous to Kenya and are delicious and a very good source of protein. They are manageable even on a small scale and are hardy and resistant to disease. I look forward to moving ahead with this project as not only a source of food for the babies at the centre but also as a small business funding stream for the operational costs of the centre as well.
    We are very excited to see God moving in such a mighty way in so many peoples lives. We are so thankful for our ministry partners and look forward to welcoming new ones in the coming weeks. Please pray for strength and wisdom for Dana and I as we continue to prepare for leaving. Dana is actually sick this evening so a special prayer for her tonight to get well soon.
    We praise God for His leading and the doors He has opened for us. To Him be all the honor and the glory!

D & D

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