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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Staying busy!

      Well it has been two weeks since our last post and we have many things going on. We have been so blessed these last two weeks with new connections and many things moving forward.
      We continue to move forward with selling the house. We have met with our partner in selling our home again this past week, and we continue to make progress. We are currently working on a deal, please pray for God's guidance and blessing upon the sale. We are very excited and feel God's leading. The entire story is a great one, we are looking forward to sharing it soon.
      We continue to work on our Perspectives class and we are now half-way completed. It continues to excite and intrigue us about our mission. We are also currently taking our New Testament Survey, and Old Testament Survey Bible classes with IWU. It is a lot to do but has been very rewarding. Continue to please pray for each of us to have teachable hearts.
     The Kenyan construction team continues to work on our home. We should have some pictures to post in the next day or so. We look forward to moving in, in August!
     We also continue to build our financial team, and we are very happy to be at 54% right now! We have a goal to be at 65% by the end of March. God continues to open doors of opportunity for us to share and we are grateful for it. Please continue to pray for more opportunities to speak and share. We do have a wonderful opportunity coming up in April to have three speaking engagements in Iowa. We will share more on these as we get closer.
     The common thread through our journey this far, is seeing the power of prayer. God has answered so many prayers and has been so faithful to us. We continue to ask for you to pray for us for wisdom, strength, endurance, sensitive hearts, guidance, and courage. We are very excited to see what God has in store for us as we move closer to leaving, there are many plans in the works for our ministry and we will start unfolding some of those plans over the next several weeks.
    Thank you for being a member of our team!!

D & D

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