Thank you for joining with us in the call to impact the orphans of Kenya

Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Year

   We are so sorry it has been so long since our last post. It has been a wonderful time of family and renewal. We are so very excited about this New Year! This is the year we believe we will be taking our mission to Kenya.

   Dana and I have been working on our on-line class "Perspectives" and it is going great. The course is 15 lessons and has a whole lot of reading. This is one of the classes required for all new missionaries at WGM and we are glad for it. It has revealed to both of us another very important facet of God's heart, missions! We are excited to have the opportunity over the next weeks to let you know of our progress and how God is using this to prepare our hearts.
 The House - we have had several calls on the house this last week, though no serious lookers. We have met with a realtor, and we will be meeting with another next week. Please pray for wisdom as we make decisions on the best way to sell the house. We do know that our Father is in full control, and He will have the perfect time and person. We want to be attuned to His leading.
  Support - We are making some good progress we are currently at 28% and we know that there are a few more to come in yet. If you have sent in a card and have not heard from us please let us know, it does take several weeks sometimes to get through the process.

   Last evening we had the opportunity to sit down to a meal and some good fellowship with Jim and Alice Vanderhoof. It was so good to be able to connect and hear what is going on in Kenya. Jim and Alice are here in the states on HMA and will be returning to Kenya sometime in April. We pray for safe journey for them as they travel and reconnect with family and their mission team. Thank you for all that you do as the Director of the Kenya Field.

Thank you so much to all who have partnered with us to bring the Good News to the people of Kenya, to show compassion and love to the orphans and the widows of Kenya, and to be the hands and feet of Christ to all we meet.

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