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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lots of Things Happening at the Baby Centre

   We have welcomed so many new little faces to the Baby Centre recently.  We are up to 18 babies in Wing A!  It is wonderful, and busy, to have such a full house.





Mark our newest arrival

Babies, babies everywhere and this is just some of them!

   There have also been a number of children adopted!  With another one going home tomorrow.  We continue to be amazed at what God is doing here.

Amos and his new family.

Baraka and his new mommy and daddy.

Emmanuel and his new mommy.

Kathleen and her new mommy

Mercy and part of her new family.

Noelle and part of her new family.

   We are getting ready for the Board Meeting coming up in two weeks.  Please pray for the meeting and all the Board members.  There is much to be accomplished at this meeting:  the budget for the next year,  approval of the updated Employee Handbook, approval of the Child Care Policy Manual, and much more.

Amalo AGC

   This past Sunday we were invited to go and speak at Amalo AGC.  It was an area meeting so there were so many people we had to hold it outside.
   They wanted us to speak about the Baby Centre, about tithing, and hear from Dana because many in this area were praying for her when she was in the hospital and thereafter.

Amalo AGC

   We did get some wonderful news Monday as we received the travel order from the court for Hope so that we will be able to travel back to the states with her when Dana needs to come back for her next PET scan, etc.  Now we just need to get her Visa.

   Thank you for all the prayers and support of us and the Baby Centre!



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