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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Grain Bin and More...

     Here is a look at what our new grain bin looks like.  It was just stood up on its legs today. (this is a few weeks ago)  
     As previously posted we already have the grain to put into it and fill it up so this is a real blessing!
     Thank you to everyone that helped by getting it here and erecting it.

Mercy Grace



     We have been very busy with Babies coming and going.  Little Mercy was collected by Irene and Dan at the Central Police Station in Nakuru. She had been on her own for some time. She is now adjusting well to being here and we are certain God will provide loving parents for her.

     These two beautiful girls were picked up from somewhere in Naivasha.  We were called because they too had been abandoned.  They are very beautiful and now both are thriving.


     Purity and Esther are sisters and we collected them from the Nakuru police station.  Talia was able to come with me along with Irene.  The girls were in rough shape and it appeared that Esther had been run over by a motorbike.  Both girls have been looked over very well and are doing wonderful adjusting as you can see in Purity's smile.

Millicent with her new mommy

Naomi with her new family

     We have also had several new families formed and some very happy Mamas.  Millicent and Naomi came to the Baby Centre the same day a year ago and they left the Baby Centre within a week of each other.  God is so good!!!!

In-country Team

     We have also had many teams over the last two months.  Many in-country teams as well as over-seas teams.

Nappanee Missionary Church Youth Team

Liam Karl

    Back to more babies coming in.  Liam came at two days old and was found in the back seat of a Matatu.  He has awesome hair!!!

Hadassah Rose

Micah Abram

     Hadassah also came to us at just 3 days old from right here in Nakuru.

     On a Friday night at about 9:00PM, we got a call from the Police Station that they had an abandoned baby boy of about three months.  Dana, Carson and I went into town to pick him from the Central Police Station.  He is actually about 10 months old (they are not very good at guessing).  He has had a very rough start to life, but is doing very well.  For those who know Robert our nurse here at the Baby Centre, he looks just like him!!

Carson's 16th Birthday!!

    We celebrated Carson's 16th birthday on May 24th.  Although he turned 16, when asked if he wanted to start learning to drive he said, "Here in Kenya?? No thank you."

     We have had many visitors over the last two months.  We had Verle and Marcia Hochstetler, we had Tommy and Laverne Anderson and team from Northern and Southern Ireland, some of the Bethel Medical Team and several VIAs.  So far this year we have had 8 VIA's, 3 international teams, and more in-country teams than I can count.

     Dana continues to do very well and is walking with no help most of the time now.  She is practicing walking outside on the rocks and uneven ground.  One day very soon she will be able to walk all over without any help!  We praise the Lord for this answered prayer!

     We are very thankful that God has blessed us with the honor of serving Him in this ministry.



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