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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back Home

  Dana, Carson, Hope and I made it very well back to the Baby Centre on Sunday afternoon. We arrived to a large group of staff and children singing, waving balloons and flowers to welcome us back. We were very moved. Dana got out of the van in the parking lot and walked into our home, with the staff following us. We felt very welcomed. We had some difficulties in getting our internet up and running, but as you can tell we are on-line once again.
  The trip went very well. We had great seats and a very good flight to Amsterdam. We got a day room at a hotel attached to the airport for our 14 hour layover. It was great, we could rest and shower and have a good meal before moving on. The second trip was also very good, it was also an overnight flight, but on this one Hope decided not to sleep. It was still a good flight. When we arrived at the airport in Nairobi, we had to disembark out on the runway. Dana had to walk down that long flight of stairs and did great. We were met by our good friend and long time driver Francis.
  On Tuesday, we had the Baby Centre Board meeting. That went very well. Per the Board I have officially taken back over the job of Director. Manu, Cate and Pius did a wonderful job while I was away. There are many exciting things coming for the Baby Centre in the next several months. I will start working with the staff on getting up to speed on these new ideas, and how the Baby Centre moves forward. The babies are doing well, and we are set for a good year of adoptions, and of seeing many more babies rescued. Dana and I are currently working on updating the Baby Centre website. We are also working on a new promotional campaign to be used both in country and internationally.
  With each day that goes by, there seems to be new obstacles to saving babies and sustaining our Baby Centre. Praise God though, we can take refuge in the fact that our God is bigger than all of these obstacles, He is in control, He is the One who gives us the victories. We need not fear governments or corruption, God is in control.  God continues to bless us both as a family, and continues to shower the Baby Centre with His provision and love.
  We look forward to seeing where God leads this next few months. Thank you for your prayers and support, they are greatly appreciated.

   Lastly, but by no means least - Dana has been doing phenomenal. She has been navigating the house by herself, walking everywhere in the house without my assistance, and even sometimes walking without her cane. I am going to have to restrain her :). We praise God for this and the miracle it is. We are truly blessed to have experienced this first hand. It does not matter what tomorrow holds, that fact is, for this season in Dana's life, she has been restored!!! To God be the glory, great things He has done!!



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