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Friday, May 10, 2013


     Greetings!!  So much is happening in-between blogs that it is hard to keep up!
     We want to make sure everyone knows about all that babies coming and going so we are trying to include all those in our blogs.  
     We've had a few arrivals since our last blog.  See pictures below:

Irene with 2 day old Rebecca Irene

7 week old Hosanna

Jude going home with his new mommy and daddy

     We had a speaking engagement at Good Shepherd AGC in Nairobi last weekend.

Seenoi, Wycliffe, and Tehila

Antonine from Kenya Children's Home
Dan & Hope
Irene Baby Centre Social Worker
Cate telling how to get involved

     The pictures above are from our time of sharing at Good Shepard AGC in Nairobi. We had a great time with Pastor Bones and his staff. We were able to share the Word, and about the Baby Centre and adoption. The response from the congregation has been great. We continue to go out as often as we can to share about the Baby Centre and engage the local churches into action for our babies.
  Above is the almost completed Fish Pond project. We will be looking at stocking it later this month, fresh fish for Christmas???
  More news about babies...
Little 5 day old Baraka
Silas going home with his mommy and daddy
     So as you can see things continue to move along at a fast pace. Today we are back in Nairobi waiting for Talia. We just got the news that because of engine trouble before they left Chicago, she was not able to make her connecting flight. They have her re-booked with a nine hour lay-over. Please pray for her as that is especially difficult when you are traveling alone. We are also here to greet our first team from the United Kingdom this year. They will arrive tomorrow afternoon, and we will return with them to the Baby Centre on Saturday evening.
   Please pray for the babies and the Baby Centre staff as we continue to go through so many changes of the way that we do things. God has been so good to us and has shown us so much love and grace. We are thankful for the team He has brought together for this time.
  God has also blessed us with many volunteers this year. Miss Stephanie Sands is now here with us for 6 weeks and is doing a wonderful job of fitting in and helping in many different ways. It is great to have the extra hands for some of the larger projects we are working on. She is currently helping with the baby data base we are creating, and with our international donor base. And of course always helping with babies.
Thank you for your prayers, love and support, you are greatly appreciated.

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