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Sunday, December 2, 2012

To Kinango and Back

   Dan arrived back safely late Thursday evening from Kinango after a very long drive.  It took us over 15 hours from the time we left Mombasa to arrive at the Baby Centre at 11:00PM.  The purpose of the trip was to go and meet the Duruma people.  A least reached people group that live south of Mombasa.  The group that I traveled with was Bishop Rev. Dr. Robert Langat, Rev. David Mutai, Rev. Julius Tonui and Jim Vanderhoof.
   We were also able to stop at the new AGC Church in Mombasa and pray over it and see how things are progressing. Dennis and Gladys are doing a wonderful job, and the church is growing.

AGC Church Mombasa

Dennis and Gladys Mutai
     After leaving the Mombasa church we headed for Kinango. This was a two hour drive through some beautiful but rough country. We met with area leaders of the Duruma tribe and had an official handing over of 100 acres of land to the Bishop for AGC to develop over the next several years. In the pictures below you will see the start of a missionary home and a missions school. We were also able to visit the well that had been repaired through the efforts of AGC, NMC, and Davis-Schirttliff the well contractor.

Bishop laying the cornerstone of the missionary home
Praying inside the new mission school
Praying over the well
   I don't think that words can describe the appreciation of the Duruma people for having this functioning well. We take for granted that when were turn on our faucet at home that there will be clean     drinking water coming out every time. Even with this well they have to transport the water several kilometers, but they are very happy to do it. Before this the closest water source was 25 kilometers away. 
   Below are some pictures of the celebration and ceremony we attended with the Duruma people. We had children and adult dancers as well as a Duruma band play for us. It was amazing!

Duruma band

Duruma adult dancers

Duruma children dancers

     We thank God for a great trip, and safe travel.
     We've had a busy week at the Baby Centre with some children coming to us for protective custody and very many parent packets coming over our desks.  Which is great because those are all prospective parents for our babies. 
      On December 1st we were able to send one of our babies home. Mary Ivy went home with her new mom and dad. She also has a new older brother waiting for her at home.
Mary Ivy and her new mom and dad
     These are the days that encourage us and allow us to press on. It is a very emotional day for all of us here to say goodbye to a child we have taken care of for so long, but are so happy for the family that God has brought to take her home.
     We have had many things to prepare for with the AGC Pastor's Conference coming up in a little over a week.  We've been trying to get 2013 forms, calendars and business cards up to date so that we have them to take with us.  
     On Dec. 9th we will be speaking at a local church.  Some of the children will be going with us and doing a small program for the congregation.  Dan will be speaking as well as some others of the Baby Centre staff.  These are wonderful opportunities to get the local church involved at the Baby Centre by informing and challenging them to get involved.
     Please pray for all of us here at the Baby Centre for endurance. We are also at this time enduring a matatu(taxi) strike. It has been all over the nation. We are having to shuttle BC employees to and from home in order to keep things going. Thank you for keeping up with us, and praying for us.



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  1. This is so wonderful guys keep on pressing on..... the for the Lord says he is with you all the time following you with his blessings.I also come from Kinango and im that lady who went through many many trials and challenges in life but i never ever gave up till God blessed me and made me who i am today im ready to share the story with Kwale girls anytime we have to empower them that we should not give up in life because their is the lighter life after them so they have to press on....May God shower his blessings on you always DAN AND DANAi love you...