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Sunday, November 18, 2012

18 November, 2012

   We have had another very full week. We traveled to Nairobi on this past Thursday to complete paperwork for Dana and Carson on their visa's. That is an adventure that is very hard to explain, and we are very happy it is over.
   We also went to Aga Khan University Hospital for Dana's annual check-up from her cancer. We are so pleased to announce that the test came back favorable, 5 years cancer free, PRAISE GOD!!! They were so very good to us there. Dana was able to share some of her story with the staff, and tell them why we are in Kenya. She got a text this morning from one of the staff at the hospital, an amazing connection God has given her.
   We also have had many visitors this week. One of the visitors was the father of the twins, Naomi and Jonathon. This was his second trip here to see the kids. He is so appreciative of the care his children are getting. He also brought us onions and potatoes from his farm. It was such a wonderful expression of love to us that has really encouraged us.
   We had a team come from some local colleges that prepared meals for the kids and the staff and helped out with many small projects around the Baby Centre.
   Then this morning we had a group of women come from a church in Njoro. One of our caregivers attends the church and she had invited them. It was a wonderful example of the vision that we see spreading throughout the community. When I asked them how many had been to the Baby Centre before, none of them had. Before the end of the tour, half of the women were in tears. They had no idea what the Baby Centre was about. They spent a lot of time just holding and loving on all the children.  They assured us that though this was the first time they were here, it would not be the last.  They plan on returning to spend more time with the children and to bring some more much needed supplies.
   Days just fly by with all the busyness of the Baby Centre, the many visitors, and the other projects that are on-going.  It is hard for us to believe that it is almost Thanksgiving!  We ask for prayers as this will be a difficult time for us with being away from our four kids (son-in-law included), our parents and our siblings.   (We will definitely take this opportunity of our families being together to plan on skyping with them so that will be wonderful! Technology can be a great thing!)  We will celebrate here at the Baby Centre first on Wednesday by cooking a meal for the entire staff.  Then, on Thanksgiving day we will celebrate with Staci, Wycliff & kids, April, and Jim & Alice with the usual Thanksgiving day meal!
   We are thankful for our families, friends, and for everyone that is interested in this ministry and all that God is doing here.  Thank you for your continued support and for staying in touch through our blog.


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