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Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Home, Friends and Nairobi

     Hi everyone!  Wanted to post a quick update to let you know everything that has been going on these last few days.
     As you read earlier Jamie & Jolinda were here for a Board Meeting and for a visit.  We were so blessed to have them with us.  Today we had to take them to the airport for their flight out back to the states.  Wow, that was really very difficult.  Not the drive, but saying goodbye to them, that was very, very hard.  It was so nice having someone from home being with us here in Kenya.
     While they were here they helped us move into our new home on the Baby Centre compound.  We slept there last night and it was so nice.  It will be good to have a little place to try to get away for some quite time (something that doesn't happen very often).  We were so thankful for Jamie & Jolinda's help, and for the workers at the Baby Centre's help with moving all our stuff.  It will be good to finally be settled in our home.  We have started unpacking everything now and finding a place for it all.
     Right now we are in Nairobi staying at Robyn Moore's house for the night.  She was so sweet to let us come and stay with her after dropping Jamie & Jolinda at the airport. We will be doing some paperwork in Nairobi tomorrow. Then we will head back to the Baby Centre in the afternoon.
    Next week we will start the process at the Baby Centre of reorganizing the management. It is an exciting time of bringing some very talented people into the mix of the top management. We are looking forward to seeing God's plans unfold. We are starting on several new projects. We will be able to update you on them next week. These are very exciting times at the Baby Centre. We have seen the local church really step up in the last few weeks by bringing donations of food and money, it has been very encouraging.
     Thank you all for reading, for praying, and for being an encouragement to us.


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