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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Three, Two, One, GO!

    We are in the final days here in the states. Time seems to be flying by. We have been able to share in many wonderful goodbye dinners over the last two weeks. They are great memories that we will cherish when we are gone. Our class Running the Race has been amazing and we will miss them very much. This Sunday on the 12th of August will be our commissioning service at NMC. This will also be our last time at church for two years. It will be a very joyous and sad time. We know though, that we have been called to the Lord's work in Kenya. We know that He is already there preparing the ministry for our arrival. It is only in the Lord's strength that we can do these things. Some days the tasks seem overwhelming, but that is when we remember who is on our team!
   Next week we will be spending all of our time with our families. Please remember them in your prayers also, as we will be leaving them all here.
   Remember Talia, as we leave her here at Bethel. Remember Nathan, Andrea & Mike as we leave them here. Remember our parents Harry & Nancy, Bev & Les. Remember our siblings Debbie, Dawn, and Steve as we leave them. We pray that none of them will feel abandoned, but know that we are merely an extension of the family in Kenya doing God's work and that they are a very important part of that ministry. Pray that we will be able to say goodbye well and be able to go in the peace of knowing that God is in control of all situations.
   The Lord has shown Himself faithful to us countless times over these last several years. We know that we can put our faith, our trust and our hope in Him!


D & D


  1. Wow, I can't believe the time is almost here! We wish you and your family all much love and are hoping for an easy adjustment for you all... If we can be of any help here back in The Bend, please let us know. If Talia needs anything at all, we are here for her! I pray that you stay safe and well, and are completely fulfilled with doing what God has sent you to do now. Just know that you are on our minds and in our hearts always! We will be keeping tabs on you thru this blog... So glad that you have it! God Bless!
    Peace and Love,

  2. very well said guys. We are praying for you. What is your exact departure date?